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Alp Racing & Design Manta Ray Jalika

Adam Bendig Photography

Alp Racing & Design was founded by Alp Sungurtekin in 2001 in Los Angeles California. Jalika Gaskin joined Alp in 2007 and became the Crew Chief when we started racing in August 2011 at Bonneville Speedweek.


Alp has a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design and specializes in Transportation Design. He is currently a Southern California Timing Association & Bonneville

Nationals INC. "SCTA-BNI" Motorcycle tech inspector and a member of the MILERS Racing Club.


All Engines at Alp R/D are built/tuned in-house by Alp and specs are proprietary.


Client projects proceed based on our racing schedule.

Alp R​acing engines, frames are specifically designed & built for AMA, FIM and SCTA​ classes​.


alp sungurtekin bonneville rigid 650 triumph

We believe repeated ​testing​ & practice runs has been the​ path to​ our success​. We​ have ​made hundreds of test runs,​ and it took many lake bed visits to figure out the right performance ​combination.



Our crew chief Jalika's efforts​ have helped ​it all happen.

W​hen we started w​e were fortunate to meet some of the greatest​ racers​ in our sport.


Tom Evans, Doug Robinson​ and Howard Allen are our mentors:

Howard Allen, Don Harris and Gary Richards are the "Nitro" Triumph Kings!  We know what we ​are ​doing today because of what they figured out in the 50's 60's and 70's. Howard inspired us​ to do ​things that many would think impossible, he is also a great machinist and engine builder.

Tom Evans (retired chief inspector of the SCTA) was in charge​ of the motorcycle dept of SCTA ​for more than 30 years. . It was​ through his work that​ the SCTA established ​separate Vintage and Pushrod Engine Classes ​and separated these from ​modern over cam engines​ classes. Today we can race​ vintage and ​pushrod engines at a competitive level because of his ideas and efforts.

Tom is an engineer and a racer himself, one of the best car and bike engine builders that we know of. We always ​have him check our frame designs,​ and ​it is not a coincidence that Alp R/D bikes have one of the best performing LSR frames. Tom appointed​ Alp​ to a SCTA Motorcycle Tech​ Inspector ​position wh​ile​ he was in charge.


Our MILERS Racing Club president Doug Robinson is the builder of the “BMR Roadster”​,​ along with Allen McAlister (BMR Coupe) and pilot Alan “Fogi” Fogliadini". ​This​ is the world’s fastest naturally aspirated roadster and holds the Bonneville FR/C​ record at ​ 286.329,​ with a top speed of​ over ​290 MPH


Doug taught us the fundamentals of Nitro-methane ​which we have​ applied to the Triumph twin. He once said that “The only secret is the cyl head! It's how we get the air in and out!” Since then I've redesigned and ​built many cylinder heads​ in order to ​​arrive at​ ​the design that we run today.


Tom Evans Howard Allen
Doug Robinson - Alp Sungurtekin - Gary Richards - Ed Isky - Don Harris
Alp Racing / BMR Roadster pit at El Mirage
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