"Vintage Triumph Pre Unit"

Our high performance Pre-Unit Triumph engines are ​built ​for racing purposes. We build specific engines for specific Land Speed Racing classes. These are the most powerful LSR engines ever built on a Triumph pre-unit platform.​

These engines can come with our Land Speed​ Racing​ frame and all the ​required components to achieve what you are aiming for.  Our Triumph pre unit construction

frame is designed according to our high performance engines and are a big part of our success.


Parallel twin British Motorcycles are known for vibration, especially the vintage pre unit Triumph rigid frame. After many race and test runs we've figured out the best frame geometry and the perfect ​engine ​balance factor. 

All our crankshafts are specifically balanced  to our standards according to the frames they will be used in.​

The smooth revving Triumph pre unit engine is key to efficient performance. The results speak for themselves!



Alp Racing & Design 650 Vintage Class "Pre 56" Engine Specs:
  • OEM Pre-unit Triumph 6T Crankcases

  • MAP Connecting rods

  • OEM Triumph crankshaft, modified and balanced by Alp Sungurtekin

  • OEM Cast Iron Barrels

  • 2.795" bore, 3.23" stroke

  • Original Hepolite pistons modified and balanced by Alp

  • 13:1 compression ratio

  • OEM 1950 Triumph 6T iron head, ported/optimized by Alp

  • OEM  pre unit oil pump.

  • Modified oiling system by Alp

  • BNR Primary drive and clutch

  • Dual Amal 32mm Concentric Carburetors or 1-3/8" Dual Amal GP's

  • Morris Magneto 

  • Pre unit gearbox std ratio

  • On 110K Racing Gas 60+ Horsepower.

  • On 98% Nitro-methane 150 Horsepower estimated

  • Top speed 141mph Gas

  • Top speed 171mph Fuel 


Alp Racing & Design 650 Pushrod Class Engine Specs:
  • Thunder Engineering Triumph pre unit crankcases and rods.

  • OEM Triumph crankshaft, modified and balanced by Alp Sungurtekin

  • Triples Rule Barrels, Custom made 650cc with plain cast iron sleeves from Northwest Sleeve.

  • 2.795" bore, 3.23" stroke

  • Robins pistons modified and balanced by Alp

  • 13:1 compression ratio

  • OEM 1964 Triumph T120 cylinder head, ported/optimized by Alp

  • OEM pre unit oil pump.

  • Modified oiling system by Alp

  • BNR Primary drive and clutch

  • Dual Amal GP 1-3/8 Carburetors

  • Morris Magneto

  • Pre unit gearbox std ratio

  • On 98% Nitromethane

  • 150 Horsepower estimated.    Top speed 175mph



Alp Racing Engine's Records Documentation & Certification HERE 

Pushrod & Vintage Class Engine Rules HERE


VIDEO of the 175.625MPH Record run at El Mirage, CA

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A-VF  1000


We are ​designing a ​new ​land speed racing motorcycle based on a 1948 Vincent engine,​ 


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 September 13th, 2020 by SCTA
We will be at the El Mirage Dry Lake in Southern California


Speed Week "SCTA"

August 8th - 14th, 2020
We will be at the Bonneville Salt Flats outside of Wendover Utah


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