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alp 650 triumph pre unit

    "You have to believe it to achieve it!   I think the most amazing part is not that you did it, but rather that you had the mind to think it could be done! Makes me think hmmmmm? Well done Alp, that's a really nice feather for your cap!"
David H. - Designer/Artist, Bonneville Salt Flats Racer   

   "I can't say I've met a more humble person with his level of success anywhere in motorsports. When I first met Alp at speed trials a few years ago he was all by himself, sleeping in his pickup, wrenching on the salt barefoot. Day in and day out. And getting faster and faster!"
JT W. - AMA Bonneville Motorcycles Speed Trials Offical


   "To put this in perspective, a couple of years ago, Shunji Yokokawa set an official record for the fastest production 600 cc motorcycle. That’s one of Honda’s top R&D engineers, on a Honda CBR600RR. He went 170.828. Alp went faster than that, on a motorcycle with a cylinder head — among other components — older than he is."
Mark Gardiner - Columnist CLASSIC BIKE Magazine, Author of Riding Man


   "Since meeting you at the bub AMA speed trials in Utah last year, I have followed every bit of progress and all the records you've set. It's literally amazing what you've made that motor do. I hope I am there to see you hit 200."  
Blandin D. - Bonneville Salt Flats Racer


   "Alp 175.625 mph on a normally aspirated 650 Triumph is incredible it makes me very proud to have supplied the crank cases and conrods to help you with this great achievement, keep up the good work & best of luck for the 2016 season."
Steve Campbell, Thunder Engineering Leicester, UK

   "4 HP PER CI ON THE CAN, ITS MAKING A LOT ALP, and you keep the little guy together thats whats amazing, YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!"

   "That was a GREAT GREAT RUN!!!! So impressive."

Jim Hoogerhyde - 200MPH Club Member Multiple class record holder.

   "The greatest Triumph and rider of all time? It's been an incredible year for Alp Sungurtekin. Sadly no Bonneville for the second year but he achieved incredible things at El Mirage. Cementing in my opinion his position as one of the greatest. Not only as a Triumph builder and engine tuner but given the records he has achieved of any motorcycle."  
buddhistpunk77 - Blogger, London, UK

   "We would really like to find a way to meet up and look at your fabulous machines first hand. It's not every day one gets to view such a historic bike in real life."
"Mike T.

   "That must make you one of the best Triumph engine tuners ever. Congratulations on an incredible season. Let's pray the Salt Gods allow for Bonneville to happen next year!"
Jer M. - Social Media

   "He is a wizard and can 150 with hollowed out soup tins."​
Jim L. - Social Media   


   "Alp continues to push the limits and races with the passion to be on top not only in vintage Triumph, but motorcycle land speed racing in general, regardless of make and model. We can't wait to see what he comes up with in the next up coming race seasons."
Lowbrow Customs Article 


   "An honour indeed, but it's one of the burdens of building and owning the fastest pre-unit Triumph ever to roam the face of the earth." 
Brian JH, London, UK - Social Media  (In respons to news of Grand National Roadster Show invite)


   "When you write a book or make a DVD on how you set up your Triumph to set the record, I would like to buy a copy. That deserves a movie like "The Worlds Fastest Indian". What you have done is not imaginable"
Fred Kott - Vintage Motorcycle Restorer - LSR Builder 


   "You have earnt that place. You are part of the legend of Land Speed Racing now. Congratulation!"
J. Mills - London, UK


   "Alp hit 175.62mph on his Pre-Unit Triumph today. That's just outrageously 
Paul d'Orléans - The Vintagent, Motosport Historian, Author/Writer


   "Jim Mosher here. Alp was flying! His bike is sooo fast. His records will never be beaten. Hats Off! I was there. He tech'd my bike, so I too could get 2 new records. His lovely crew chief is the hardest working girl in the pits! Good luck in the future. Be safe, and go fast."

James R. Mosher - "Performance Indian" Designer/Builder/Tuner,

Multiple class record holder at Bonneville with the "Twin-Scout"

   "That's damn fast! Amazing..I wish Jack Wilson was still around to see that." Dave Howe, racer & past crew member of  Jack Wilson "Big D Cycle"   


   "That is one tough engine you have there !..."  
Stuart Hooper  - Worlds Fastest Velocette , Queensland Australia

   Article on Bonneville Racing News by Bill Hoddinott

Alp photo by The Vintagent

Actual wet plate photography by Paul d'Orléans
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No Record would mean anything if we couldn’t share it with you.​ W​e appreciate your support,​ and look forward seeing you at the pits!

Alp & Jalika 

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Alp 650 Triumph pre unit El Mirage SCTA
Bonneville Speedweek 1968 Poster
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