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Three Trophies 2014 Alp Sungurtekin

Motorcycle Land Speed Records


All PG & PF “Pushrod Engine” Records
Including A “Open” and APS “Partial Streamline” body classes:

650cc SCTA Bonneville                                                                                 MPH

A-PF         Alp Racing & Design             Triumph 8/16                            149.664

A-PG        Jim Leininger                          Honda 8 /13                              130.713

APS-PF    Jim Leininger                         Honda 8 /13                               156.389

APS-PG   Jim Leininger                          Honda 8 /12                              150.176

650cc SCTA El Mirage

A-PG         Alp Racing & Design            A Sungurtekin         9/14           131.332

A-PF         Alp Racing & Design             A Sungurtekin       11/15          175.625
APS-PG    No Record

APS-PF    No Record


650cc AMA

A-PG       Alp Racing & Design               Triumph 8/14                            133.464

A-PF        Alp Racing & Design               Triumph 8/16                            156.167
APS-PG   Borcherdt, T                              BSA/2014                                  149.891

APS-PF    Allan, P                                     Triumph/2013                           110.781

750cc SCTA Bonneville

A-PF          Yankee Engineuity                H/D 8 /06                                    167.542

A-PG          Yankee Engineuity               H/D 8 /04                                    149.190
APS-PF      Marc Leininger                    Honda 8 /11                                158.649

APS-PG     Jim Leininger                       Honda 8 /11                               154.939

750cc SCTA El Mirage

A-PG                Long Gone                  MS C. Kimek 5/11                         140.181

A-PF                No Record

APS-PG  Leineweber                         J. Leineweber 7/13                       143.930

APS-PS   No Record


750cc AMA
A-PG                Gosling, R                          Triumph/2013                        143.149

A-PF                Duncan, B                           Triumph/2013                        154.236

APS-PG  No Record

APS-PF   Leineweber, J                             Triumph/2013                       142.608


1000cc SCTA Bonneville

A-PF   Yankee Engineuity Express             H/D 8 /11                              166.843

A-PG       Team Subtle Crowbar                  Moto Guzzi 9 /08                  150.908

APS-PF   Team Subtle Crowbar                 Moto Guzi 8 /11                    169.770

APS-PG   Bill Ross                                        Moto Guzzi 9 /08                  170.856


1000cc SCTA El Mirage

A-PF        Full House Mouse II                    A. Jones 9/01                        168.953

A-PG       Don Smith Racing                       D. Smith 9/98                         153.964

APS-PF   Full House Mouse 2                    F. Kott 5/03                            164.862

APS-PG  Tean Subtle Crowbar                  B. Ross 6/08                         161.048


1000cc AMA
A-PF        Gosling, R                                    Triumph/2014                        156.552

A-PG       Duncan, B                                     Triumph/2014                        157.457

APS-PG   Mellor, Tom                                  Triumph/2013                        200.082

APS-PF   Omer, J                                          Buell/2014                             158.478

Currently Alp Racing & Design holds ten SCTA records and three AMA national records.

All ​of ​​the following ​records ​were​ attained with a 650cc pre-unit Triumph engine / gearbox combo on a Alp R/D made Class "A" (Special construction) rigid frame and a Class "M" (Modified Production) original Triumph Pre Unit rigid frame.

Current Records in the books:

1000cc A-VF 193.621 MPH 1948 Vincent vin# 'F10AB/1/666’ - SCTA Bonneville, UT
650cc A-PF 175.625 MPH Triumph 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA El Mirage, CA*

650cc M-VF 173.329 MPH Triumph ironhead  'Manta Ray' - SCTA Bonneville, UT - 1950 Triumph Frame

650cc A-VF  171.668 MPH Triumph ironhead 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA El Mirage, CA 

650cc APS-VF 170.883 MPH Triumph ironhead 'T-200' - SCTA Bonneville, UT *178.473 MPH 
650cc A-PF 169.100 MPH Triumph iron
head 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA   Mojave, CA

650cc A-PF 156.167 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - AMA Bonneville, UT

650cc A-VF 151.375 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA Bonneville, UT - Vintage Class

650cc A-PF 149.664 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA Bonneville, UT

650cc A-VG 139.226 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA El Mirage, CA - Vintage Class

650cc A-PG 133.464 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - AMA Bonneville, UT

650cc A-PG 131.332 MPH 'Manta Ray' - SCTA El Mirage, CA

650cc APS-VG 130.734 MPH 'Manta Ray' - SCTA El Mirage, CA

650cc M-VG 127.092 MPH 'Manta Ray' - AMA Bonneville, UT - with 1950 Triumph Frame
500cc M-VF 144.704 MPH P
re-unit iron head 'Thompson Arrow' - SCTA El Mirage, CA

500cc M-VF 119.903 MPH 'The Arrow' - SCTA Bonneville, CA

* The 650 A-PF “Special Construction – Pushrod Fuel Engine” class record of 175.625 MPH was​ achieved naturally aspirated, open / without a ​fairing. ​

This​ is the fastest 650cc pushrod engine​, ​sit-on motorcycle in the history of land speed racing built by Alp Sungurtekin. The pre unit Triumph is currently faster than all ​of ​​the ​same class 750cc and 1000cc motorcycles (see records chart next).​

All SCTA Records can be found here:
El Mirage Dry Lake
Bonneville Salt Flats

AMA National Records database:
All the current National records are listed in chapter 13 of the AMA rule book.
.PDF file link below.
Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials


ECTA Records database

Ohio Mile


DLRA Dry Lakes Racers Australia

Pendine Timing Association, UK

All the​ Timing Associations above follow and ​apply SCTA guidelines, rules and classes.

There are a few differences and some occur due to SCTA updating or implementing rule changes.

All Alp Racing engines and frames comply with all ​above associations rules, classes etc..

Crew Chief Jalika's 175mph Jacket
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650 triumph pre unit 175mph record.
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