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alp racing stock frame 650 triumph

SCTA Pushrod "P" Class Engine


The rules are in the SCTA Rule Book page 149 section 7.J.9 Class PF and PG: 
Motorcycle engines with pushrod operated valves. 


SCTA Vintage "V" Class Engine

The rules are in the SCTA Rule Book page 149 section 7.J.l0 Class VF and VG:
Same as the Pushrod classes except that the class is limited to motorcycle engines produced prior to 1956.  We can not use aftermarket crankcases and cylinder heads if they offer competitive advantage.

There are more regulations in these classes.
The 2016 RULES and RECORDS book is available online at the SCTA website.



AMA "P" & "V" rules are similar to SCTA rules and can be found here online as a .PDF file: 

"Land Speed Grand Championship AMA Supplemental Regulations"





Chapter 12: Engine by Classification
12. F. Push Rod: Gasoline (PG)  page 49

12. G. Push Rod: Fuel (PF)  page 49

12. J. Vintage Gasoline (VG)  page 49

12. K. Vintage Fuel (VF)  page 50

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